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California Coastlines & Castles

Coastlines and Castles

California Coastlines & Castles

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California|| Nevada

Photograph of California Coastlines & Castles

Coastlines and Castles

California Coastlines and Castles

Los Angeles (California) - San Luis Obispo (California) - Monterey (California) - San Francisco (California) - Yosemite (California) - Death Valley (Nevada) - Las Vegas ( Nevada) - Los Angeles (California)    

In a high-profile state like California that boasts the likes of Los Angeles and Hollywood, attractions have to be major to stand out from the crowd.  Count on seeing plenty of things on this trip that are spectacular, second to none, and more glorious than the bright lights of the city. 

Along the Pacific Coast Highway, considered by some to be the most scenic road in the United States, seals bark, waves crash and the mountains plunge into the sea.  Most everyone gets a thrill driving across Bixby Bridge, which appears to levitate freely.  The Big Sur coastline is lush with redwoods, dotted with state parks and remote enough to offer world-class hikes.  Monterey is a classic California coastal town, as close to perfect as you can get.  Yosemite National Park is considered America’s premier National Park, on a par with the Grand Canyon.  Spectacular mountains jut straight up from the earth, crashing waterfalls tumble down massive rock faces and giant redwood trees stand majestically nearby.  All of these can vie with Hollywood any day. 

And there’s more.  On your way to Death Valley, you’ll be passing through the Sierra Nevada Mountains, home to crystal Mammoth Lakes.  Death Valley National Park covers more area than any other park in the United States.  Its depths are below sea level and sinking a bit more every year.  Artists Drive offers up what it must look like on the moon. 

All of that is in between San Francisco, Los Angeles and Las Vegas, three of America’s most vibrant cities.  Young and old alike “leave their hearts in San Francisco.”  Hollywood and Beverly Hills are only one small part of the Los Angeles area, which offers up some of the best museums and entertainment in the country.  In Las Vegas, America’s playground, the lights are on and the city is alive 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Savor the remarkable contrasts on this journey through California and beyond.  As you leave for home, you’ll know you have visited some of America’s very best treasures.       

  • Los Angeles (California)
  • San Luis Obispo (California)
  • Monterey (California)
  • San Francisco (California)
  • Yosemite (California)
  • Death Valley (Nevada)
  • Las Vegas ( Nevada)
  • Los Angeles (California

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