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Kansas Oklahoma Connection

Kansas Oklahoma Fly Drive Holidays

Kansas Oklahoma Connection

2 Nights From €399 (Per Person)

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Kansas Oklahoma Fly Drive Holidays

Kansas - Oklahoma Connection

2 night meander along 2 Kansas Byways to Oklahoma

from €399 per person

Among the Byways of Kansas are the Frontier Military Historic Byway - originally built to move soldiers and supplies and nowadays a repository of American history. Traveling from North to South, visitors encounter various landmarks such as Fort Leavenworth and Fort Scott, and other historical gems like the John Brown Museum. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Marais des Cygnes Massacre Park and Mine Creek Battlefield hold historical value from the turbulent times of "Bleeding Kansas" and the Civil War. Also along the route, hear legends and see monuments that memorialize history across the Kansas landscape.

Combining the Frontier Military with Kansas' Historic Route 66 Byway is a great way to head from Kansas City down into Oklahoma (perhaps to join our Oklahoma Odyssey self-drive itinerary), and this Byway offers opportunities for visitors to enjoy a variety of experiences and "get their own kicks" while driving the original Kansas portion of Route 66. Encompassing many of the original structures of "The Mother Road," including the only remaining Marsh Arch Bridge on Route 66, and the legendary Nelson's Old Riverton Store, the Route 66 Byway is short but packed with interest. It’s also a rich stretch on which to take memorable pictures - not least with the tow truck that was the inspiration for the character "Mater" from the "Cars" movie.

Combine your self­drive road trip with a break in the great outdoors ­ perhaps on horseback  for a few days on a genuine working ranch, where you can join in with real cowboys and  cowgirls as they tend their livestock and pasture. Or if you prefer, stay in one of Oklahoma’s  fine State Park Lodges, where hiking, biking and wildlife are there on your doorstep. 




  • Highlights 

    Head south along the Frontier Military Byway towards Oklahoma

    Drive the ‘Mother Road’ - Route 66 - along 11 photogenic Kansas miles

    Cross into Oklahoma, heading for ‘24 hours’ in Tulsa

  • Itinerary 

    Fort Scott, KS (1 night)

    Tulsa, OK (1 night)

Kansas Guide


Kansas occupies a prominent place in American history, though its status in pop culture is somewhat less distinguished. The state was a violent battleground between pro- and anti-slavery settlers during the 1850s, a period dubbed 'Bleeding Kansas'. The state also played a pivotal role in America's westward expansion, its string of frontier forts supporting the clashes of the Indian Wars of the 1860s. But as every American school kid knows, Kansas is perhaps most famous for the landmark ruling of Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, which ended segregation in public schools. Visitors can learn more about Kansas' history at the state's numerous historic sites, many of which have been designated national historic landmarks.


Although the historical significance of the state may sound dull to some, Kansas The Sunflower State actually has a delightfully colourful past, peopled by cowboys, pioneers, gunfighters and lawmen. It is home to Dodge City, the once-infamous 'Wickedest City of the West', which has been the setting of countless movies and television shows, including TV Western favourite of the 60’s and 70’s - Gunsmoke. Even today, Kansas has a reputation for quirkiness; it is an odd place whose with miles of seemingly flat, empty terrain are punctuated not only by serious historical monuments but also by attractions like the World's Largest Ball of Twine and the World's Largest Spinach Salad. While Kansas may not be the ideal holiday spot for some, it does have a lot to offer, and not only to history buffs.


Kansas' network of state parks and wildlife refuges comprises rolling hills and prairies, sand dunes, wildflowers, rivers and lakes, offering hunters, hikers, boaters, horseback riders and fishermen a wealth of options. Kansas isn't all rolling prairies though, and it has several major cities, all located in the eastern half of the state. Kansas City is by far the largest, although the state can claim only the part of KC west of the Mississippi River.

The state’s largest city is actually Wichita, which has with a population of under 400,000 and enough but replete with museums, shops, restaurants and attractions to entertain all comers. Topeka, though smaller, is the capital of Kansas and home to one of the nation’s finest State Capitol buildings - open to visitors. the Kansas State Historical Society Museum. The true largest city in Kansas is the buzzing Kansas City, though the state can claim only the part of it west of the Mississippi River.

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