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New York and Upstate New York

Hit the Big Apple before meandering up the Hudson River

New York and Upstate New York

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New York

Photograph of New York and Upstate New York

Hit the Big Apple before meandering up the Hudson River

New York and Upstate New York

New York (New York) Albany (New York) - Saratoga Springs (New York) -Adirondack Park (New York) - Saranac Lake (New York) Thosand Islands (New York) -Syracuse (New York) - Niagara Falls (New York) - Corning (New York) Catskills (New York) - New York (New York) 

From the broad reaches of the Hudson River to rushing streams in the Adirondacks and the sparkling waters of the St. Lawrence Seaway, upstate New York is a grand expanse of lush greenery, delightful scenery and intriguing nature.  All along your journey, you’ll be thrilling to thundering waterfalls, savoring pristine crystal blue lakes, traveling deep into lush mountain forests and enjoying incredible views.  On the way to the authentic flavor of beautiful Lake George, completely ringed by the Adirondack Mountains, you can “take the waters” at Saratoga Springs.

Yet in between the visually wonderful landscapes, authentic heritage and culture is cast at every turn.  Gently rolling farms have been producing robustly for centuries. Meander along the majestic cliffs that line the Hudson River and visit at least one or two of the opulent mansions perched on the palisades. A whole region of fine wines and winemaking has grown up around the Finger Lakes.  Authentic furniture making in the Adirondack style has been active since the 1850s.  At three million acres, Adirondack Park is the largest “forever wild” park in the world.  Mountains full of character, lush woods and rivers, fresh water shorelines, the scent of balsam on a forest trail and serene quiet await you.  Watch the sunset from a cruise ship or hike deep into the forest for another view.  Farther west, enjoy the view of the 1000 Islands, sparkling in the waters of the St. Lawrence River when you reach Alexandria Bay.  And of course, thrill to the thunder of six million cubic feet of water falling over Niagara Falls every minute—one of the natural wonders of the world  

All of this is in great contrast to New York City, where the lights are on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  World class museums and theater are the order of the day.   Great design, masterpiece art,  superb architecture and the latest fashion are on display, leading the world into the new trends of the day.  Savor and enjoy both parts of your journey, there’s nowhere else on earth where such contrast is so easy to discover.   



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New York and Upstate New York


Day 1: Arrive New York City 

Welcome to the Big Apple!  New York is the largest and most fascinating city in America.  There’s Broadway, Central Park, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Empire State Building, the Statute of Liberty, Macy’s and more.  The city boasts more than 50 museums, hundreds of art galleries, and incredible shopping.  If it’s available, you can find it in New York.  To make it even more interesting, the city has been a cultural melting pot since it was known as New Amsterdam nearly three centuries ago.  You can find food, music and the heritage of practically every country on earth here.  Be sure to people watch along the way.

Day 2:  Explore New York City   
Few people know or remember that New York City served as the first capital of the United States and witnessed the inauguration of President George Washington.  This is only part of the remarkable history and heritage of this city, which also includes Ellis Island, the immigration point for millions of new Americans, Ground Zero, the site of the September 11 attacks that forever changed the country, the Empire State Building, which represented a new trend in skyward buildings, and, of course, the Statute of Liberty.  The American Museum of Natural History illustrates the geologic and geographic events that changed the nation. 

Day 3:  Hudson Valley  
Ever since Henry Hudson came to call in 1609, the Hudson Valley has been welcoming visitors to its spectacular palisades, lush forests and soothing countenance.  Marvel at the Hudson Highlands rising nearly 1,000 feet above the river.  Stand in awe of the magnificent mansions perched above the cliffs. Learn about the Roosevelt’s and the Vanderbilt’s while surrounded by landscapes so beautiful they inspired the Hudson River School of Painting.  Meander through historic Hudson River towns.  

Day 4:  Albany
It’s a little known fact that Albany ranks only behind Santa Fe, St. Augustine and Hampton as the fourth oldest city in the United States.  In addition to being New York’s state capital, the city’s impressive collection of architecture is one of its main draws.  You can admire the grand state capitol building, perched atop one of the seven hills in the city, from Empire State Plaza, built on the monumental scale of Paris or Montreal.  Watch the Heritage Area’s orientation film Albany: A Cultural Crossroads and take a trolley tour from there.    

Day 5: Albany to Saratoga Springs    
Horse racing is the order of the day in Saratoga Springs, which has grown from a quiet little village with beautiful scenery and magnificent natural springs into a luxury resort city.  You can place your bets, take the waters and generally enjoy yourself as you participate in the traditions handed down from the Victorian era of the 1860s. 

Day 6:  Lake George and The Adirondack Park   
Wild and civilized by turns throughout history, the Adirondacks have witnessed the French and Indian War, the American Revolution and the War of 1812.  Tourism began when doctors from the large surrounding cities sent their patients to recover in the fresh air at Saranac Lake, the pioneer upstate New York health resort.  World awareness of the Adirondacks increased dramatically when the Winter Olympics were held at Lake Placid in 1980. Saranac Lake is just a short distance beyond.  With myriad lakes, mountains, and spectacular views, you can hike, paddle or drive around the area and still be back in time for dinner.  Begin your Adirondack experience enjoying the crystal clear blue waters of Lake George. 

Day 7:  Lake George to Saranac Lake
Spend one more day exploring The Adirondack Park, which is larger than Yellowstone, the Everglades, Glacier and Grand Canyon National Parks combined.  The Adirondack Museum, located in Blue Mountain Lake, where all the scenic roads come together in the center of the Park, is worth a visit.  The original 1876 Blue Mountain House, the centerpiece of the property, is surrounded by more than 30 other authentic buildings, each featuring a different aspect of Adirondack culture and art.  

Day 8:  Thousand Islands
A network of incredibly scenic byways leads you through The Adirondack Park today on your way to the Thousand Islands. The 1000 Islands region is a chain of islands in the St. Lawrence River that straddles the US-Canadian border.  Once there, you can delight in the river landscape of sparkling water and lush forested islands.    

Day 9:  Syracuse   
Syracuse has been at the center of the state’s commerce and trade since great quantities of salt were discovered here in the late 1700s and the Erie Canal was dug to ship it.  In the 1850s, Syracuse played an important role in the abolitionist movement and the Underground Railroad, and in the 1920s the city was a hotbed of activity during the fight for women’s suffrage.  Today, it is the gateway to the lovely Finger Lakes region and is waiting to delight you. 

Day 10:  Syracuse to Niagara Falls   
You can meander through the Finger Lakes today as you make your way to Niagara Falls today.  Be sure to stop in Rochester and Buffalo along the way.  Both cities represent the best in New York heritage and traditions.  Check out the world-renowned Frank Lloyd Wright architecture in Buffalo as you pass through.       

Day 11:  Niagara Falls  
The thunder and roar of six million cubic feet of water falling over Niagara Falls every minute has thrilled visitors since 1820.  Sam Patch, the “Yankee Leaper,” began the long tradition of daredevils going over the Falls in 1829.  Visitors have enjoyed an up-close and personal experience of the Falls from the Maid of the Mist since 1846.  Join the millions of travelers every year who are awed by the sights and sounds of magnificent Niagara Falls – and don’t miss the illumination at night!

Day 12:  Niagara Falls to Corning   
You’ll be able to see more of Upstate New York on the drive from Niagara Falls through the southern Finger Lakes and the foothills of the Adirondacks on your way to Corning.  The Corning Museum of Glass is not to be missed.  Farther up the hill, meticulously preserved mansions stand proudly in one of the best historic districts in the state.    

Day 13: Catskills
Early in American history, the Catskills were a famous wilderness. Now incredibly civilized, the area offers up such treasures as Mohonk Mountain Preserve, the Shawangunk Wine Trail, fly fishing on the renowned Beaverkill Creek, hiking, mountain biking, inspiring art galleries, craft shows, antique stores, great food, relaxing spas, and historic architecture. 

Day 14:  New York City   
Spend another day exploring the sights and sounds of America’s most fascinating city.  If you have visited the Big Apple before, we’ll provide you with information on new and interesting things to see and do!    

Day 15: Depart New York City  

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