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Fly Drive USA - Trip Tips

As seasoned fly-drive travellers we have built up a great knowledge of most of the routes featured on our site. We have also learnt by our mistakes and have listed below some simple tips that we hope will make your fly drive a more enjoyable experience.

Trip Tips

  • Aim to get to your destination by lunch time. You will then have time to relax and enjoy the local sights and hospitality.
  • Where possible try to travel in a circle, by doing so you will visit more locations and not visit the same place more than once.
  • Where a circular pattern of travel is not an option (e.g. Route 66), arrange flights into one airport and home from another (We can do this for you)
  • Try not to drive too much in one day, We would suggest an absolute max of about 200-250 miles a day per driver.
  • If you are starting or finishing your trip in a large city that you want to spend time in, do not pick up or drop off car until you need it. This way you can save on car hire costs, as in most cities parking can be expensive.
  • Where there is a large distance between two locations, look at the option of flying between the two. This sometimes works out cheaper, between reduced car hire costs (e.g. City saving in 5 above) and also inter-state drop off car hire charges.

Who to Bring with you !

The Adventurer: Adventurers are outgoing and unafraid to deviate from pre-arranged plans to see a sight recommended by a complete stranger. When travelling with an adventurer you are sure to reach a great destination- just maybe not your destination. The adventurers motto is "its just around the next bend"

The Navigator: These godsends couldn't get lost if you blindfolded them and left them in the middle of an Iowa cornfield. They have lodestones in their foreheads, google maps on their blackberries, and an uncanny ability to refold a map on the first try. The navigators motto is "See!, Here we are!"

The Optimist: These positive individuals can somehowmake changing a tyre in the snow on the New Jersey turnpike feel like a rousing good time. They take adversity with a grain of salt and keep the big picture in mind. The optimist's motto is "Good thing the radiator overheated, otherwise we would never have seen this sunrise"

Who not to bring with you !

The Whiner: For whiners, the grass is always greener in the other lane. Any bump on the road or fly on the windscreen will set them off, and there is nothing more than a whiner's tirade, especially when you're changing a tyre in the snow on the New Jersy Turnpike. The whiner's motto is, "Are we there yet?"

The Backseat Driver: With the constant driving critiques, multiple maps, and squeeks at every less than perfect turn, backseat drivers were your better friends before this roadtrip. The backseat drivers motto is a gasp.

The Crush: Unless you want to witness the plot development, conflict, resolution, and denouement of a relationship on fast forward, leave your crush behind. After you find out that he or she in not only an avid Disney fan but also tone deaf, trust us, the romance will fade. The crush's motto is "if you like me, you'll...."


East Coast
Augustana - "Boston"
Boston - "More than a feeling"
Bruce Springsteen - "Born to Run"
Dispatch - "The General"
Talking Heads - "And she was"
Jimmy Buffett - "Margaritaville"

Deep South
Elvis Presley -"Hound Dog"
James Taylor - "Carolina on my mind"
Lynyrd Skynyrd -"Sweet Home Alabama"
Marc Cohn -"Walking in Memphis"
Paul Simon -"Graceland"
Charlie Daniels Band -"The Devil went down to Georgia"

Route 66
Frank Sinatra -"Route 66"
The Beatles -"Drive my Car"
The Killers - "This river is wild"
Tracy Chapman -"Fast Car"
Tom Cochrane -"Life is a highway"

Pacific Coast
The Beach Boys -"California Girls"
The Beach Boys -"Surfin USA"
Eagles -"Hotel California"
Mamas and Papas -"California dreamin
Red Hot Chili Peppers - "Californication"


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